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About Us


About Us

Guangzhou Yuanbo Trade Co.,ltd,set up in 2006,also well knowed as Yuanbo Industrial (HK) Limited,is an authorized dealer of LG CHEM and professional in selling plastics including PC,PC/ABS,PP,PBT,PBT/ABS,ABS+GF,ABS+PMMA,POM,LCP,PPS,PA,PMMA,mPPE,PPO,PEI,ABS,ASA,SAN etc. 

In recent years Yuanbo has been one of the most cooperative and fastest growing dealer of LG CHEM. We also have set good cooperation relationship with the famous engineering plastics suppliers,such as TICONA,Hechuang Group ,Polyplastics,EMS ,BASELL,SHENMA,SABIC,BAYER,TEIJIN,Mitsubishi,Dow,Dupont,BASF ,etc. 

With the deep cooperation of partners,Yuanbo provides high quality products,professional technical support ,fast logistic service,Customized modified product and has established a good relationship with some well-known manufactures ,LG Display,Samsung,SONY,HP,ASUS,CHIMEI,Whirlpool,Midea,Galanz etc. Our service covered the customers related to IT,Sport equipment,mobile phones,telecom equipment,home appliances,automobiles,etc. 

Yuanbo will devote ourselves to being your excellent solution partner in now and future. Just select it.